Macro Investments Mixed With Cryptocurrency

Amazon has replaced physical stores, Netflix has replaced video stores, LinkedIn has replaced recruiting companies,…

…and there is no doubt that decentralized finance will change our banking institutions, which are slowly leading us to a world full of debt.

Why? Software native companies were faster, cheaper, and better for users. To Godfather Investor, it was only a matter of time before every industry was eaten by software.

DeFi enables software economics for financial services. This is something that traditional banks and FinTechs cannot achieve because they continue to be built on antiquated rails.

It’s scary, and that’s why Godfather Investor was born. In this membership you will learn:

✅  A straightforward method of making money with DeFi.

✅  The main techniques to make good management of your money.

✅  How to take advantage of the fact that it is still very early in space.

What will you learn in this membership?​​

1. Money Management

If something terrible happened tomorrow and your bank or your country went bankrupt and your FIAT currency became worthless, could you handle it, or would you go into bankruptcy? Either you control your money, or your money controls your life.

To prevent that from happening, I’m going to share with you tips and tools to keep your money safe through decentralized finance.

“Wealth is a formula, not an ingredient”

2. CReate Financial Freedom

Our most precious commodity is time.

We are still at an early stage. Where there are many opportunities that we can benefit from and make a “home run” as happened with Amazon in 2000, it is possible.

Often it is only necessary to get it right once, so that you never have to worry about money again.

“Simply the best investment in a subscription I’ve ever made”

3. Level-up your crypto skills

Every week is full of practical tactics to level-up your crypto money skills combined with long-term strategies to help you maximize returns & avoid pitfalls.

This is a program for doers. 

This is the program I wish I had when I started.

“Financial independence is much closer than it seems.”

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