The Crypto market Is Crashing

Two alternatives to take advantage of your crypto when the "end is near".

Crypto Market Is Crashing

Very tough weekend for cryptocurrencies. The soft hands are still selling like crazy: “This is a bubble”, “The BTC is worth 0”, etc.

I’m just going to tell you that I have one thing clear, and that is that I am not willing to spend a lifetime working from 9-5 in exchange for a salary that gives me just enough to live on for 11 months so that I can enjoy one month of vacation a year.

Cryptocurrencies are here to stay. Of course, not all of them. The vast majority of them will most likely become extinct, but if there is one that we have complete confidence in, it is Bitcoin.

If you are reading this during this cryptowinter and have a long-term vision, I think I can help you.

These markets are where the money is really being made for the next generation. It’s tough to see your portfolio drop 60%, but there are several reasons why we should be optimistic, and I’ll give them to you below.

200 WMA

Perhaps this is the metric that best puts into context what Bitcoin is. The momentum it is in and the great possible upside for the next ten years.

Bitcoin 200WMA

We live in a world plagued by the news. Much of it is terrible, telling us that the end of civilization is near. The best we can do is buy a military shelter and hunker down for a while, but let me tell you, no. We are facing one of the greatest possibilities in history.

We are facing one of the greatest possibilities in history. And who’s to say that Bitcoin isn’t likely to be worth $1M in a few years? That would be x30.

When we zoom out of this 200-week average, we see that, really, these drops are nothing compared to the possible upside we have left to see.


More than half of the world’s dollars have been printed in the last three years. This means that perhaps an inflation of almost 9% is nothing compared to what is to come.

Historically, the assets that have done best in this type of market have been those for which demand is limited.

For example,

  • The number of bills in circulation is limited? NO
  • Is the number of Apple shares limited? NO
  • The amount of gold on the planet is limited? YES
  • The amount of m2 to build a house on Earth is limited? YES

As Biden has already said, this inflation may persist for several years, and it seems to be no mystery to anyone.

Taking refuge in assets that have a limited supply can make us a lot of money in the coming years. During the crises of 1929, the 60s, and 08, gold and silver had an excellent performance, and it is possible that they will do so again in the near future.

What do we do with our Bitcoins?

We have two alternatives:

  • Alternative 1 (simple to implement | medium risk | high return): this is the strategy we implement and which we describe to you in detail in our portfolio section.
  • Alternative 2 (medium complexity of implementation | medium-high risk | very high return): This alternative will be discussed in more detail in future emails to our paying subscribers. These are DOVs, which are simple strategies with options that can give returns of up to 10-15% in the case of Bitcoin.


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