Mark Cuban's Simple Trick To Become A Billionaire

Perhaps the sale of is not a fluke

Cubans Simple Trick To Become A Billionaire

Mark Cuban, an American billionaire owner of the Dallas Mavericks, always tells the same story.

In 1999 Cuban became a millionaire when he sold a music and events website called to Yahoo for $5.7B.

He says that at the time, many people told him he had gotten lucky.

Cuban later tried to take over some of the major American baseball league teams. But unfortunately, his projects went wrong on three occasions.

These failures helped people to reiterate that Yahoo had been lucky.

However, he always wonders where his luck was before he started when he launched many projects, and they all failed. Where was the luck when he had to survive for many years and try ideas that one after another did not work?

He did not succeed with his first project, nor with the second, nor with the third. When he sold, he had been trying for a long time. It had always been there.

One of the bosses who has had the most significant impact on me in my life always said the same thing: “luck always shows up when you’re working”.

Cuban considers it mandatory. You always have to be trying, testing, and trusting that time is on your side.

When success comes, it will most likely be “found” by those who have been working.

Obviously, being there is no guarantee of anything, but what is certain is that if you are not there, there will never be results.

The other day a subscriber wrote me the following:

“Mercedes, iPhone 13, 3-floor house, Netflix and partying every weekend. For that there is always time and money.

To learn how to create an online business, to invest, to know how to network, or to buy a book for $20, there is never time, nor money.

Then you’ll complain when a friend of yours succeeds and can afford to live on the beach for the rest of his life.

You’ll say it’s luck.”

Luck, you have to go out and look for it. It neither calls you nor waits for you. You can’t know where to find it either, so the only way is to try.

Amateurs will still think it’s luck. However, professionals, or readers of my subscription, know perfectly well that luck is pursued and that a suitable method, although it does not assure you anything, brings you closer to your goal.

“Fail big and fail often”

If you are not there, “luck” does not come.

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When you’re in, you’ll know it’s not luck.

See you soon.

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