Best Stablecoin Strategy Ever

Do you want to get a return of more than 60% per year with the dollars you have in the bank?

Best Stablecoin Ever

One of the most exciting projects I have found in the DeFi environment is Terra ($Luna). This project has real day-to-day applications, and its technology is being used by more than 60,000 daily users and has a total of 2.5M users in South Korea.

The month of March has seen a huge downturn in the crypto ecosystem. Inflation, the war in Ukraine, and rising rates have caused these types of assets to lose value. However, in the case of Terra, it has been different. It has revalued up to +100% in just one month and has gone from being the 10th currency with the highest market cap in the world to the 6th (currently the 7th).

“The government wants to fool its people by doubling the minimum wage but at the same time printing more than enough money into circulation. We can’t solve problems by creating more problem for generations to come which is why Bitcoin and some other decentralized finance applications powered by blockchain technology looks to be our only hope of creating a better future.” — Olawale Daniel

Anyone who believes in the future of stablecoins should understand how this project works.

Most stablecoins are centralized (USDC, USDT, etc.). However, the stablecoin backed by Terra (Luna) is called USD Terra (UST). It has an algorithm whereby more UST is demanded. The more Luna is burned as collateral. Making the price of the stablecoin maintain its 1:1 relationship with the dollar.

UST is the largest decentralized stablecoin in crypto and the fastest-growing stablecoin market cap, expanding 37,000% YTD from $7m to $2.6b.

When more Luna is burned, it reduces the number of Luna tokens in circulation. This causes the Luna token price to increase simply because there is more UST in circulation.

In addition, in my subscription, I tell you how it is possible to get 45% per year with a simple strategy with this token. Experts consider that it could reach a target price of $1,000. This means that assuming we invest $1k today and it reaches the target price in 3 years, we would have $33,500.

Anchor Protocol (step 1)

The purpose of this article is to present how you can obtain a yield of up to 40% by investing the dollars that barely give you a 1% yield in the bank.

The Anchor Protocol was invented for this purpose. Once you have converted your USD into UST and sent them to your Terra Station wallet, it is very easy to make them work.

In the wealth section of our subscription, we present it in more detail. But today I want to show you an email from one of our subscribers:

“Thanks to this simple method I am able to pay myself with the dollars I earn in one day the subscription of a whole month. 

I receive my earnings systematically and I see how my capital grows at a rate of x20 to what it would do in the bank.”

Our subscriber has just over $24k in a currency that replicates the dollar and receives daily interest of $13. That is $90/week; $400/month; $4.7k/year. Taking into account compound interest and doing absolutely nothing, next year he will receive about $16 per day and so he will see this figure increasing year by year.

anchor protocol earn


Step 2


Step number two will make you have a return on your dollars well over 60%. I show you in my subscription how to do it in detail.

For this simple strategy, I have received over 100 thank you emails.

See you soon.

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