Best Investment Blogs

The best investment blogs that every individual investor needs to maximize his or her returns

Best Investment Blogs

Most of the rankings of the best investment blogs are supported by the enormous influence of the main sponsors of each blog. These blogs are supported by advertising revenue, and it is tremendously difficult to find independent blogs.

Blogs that serve the average investors and have no interests beyond helping the investors themselves to maximize their returns and teach them the main principles that will guide them to lifetime wealth.

After more than ten years in the financial markets, we use very few as reference material. But here are the leading blogs that you should start using in your day-to-day life.

Godfather Investor

Godfather Investor Wealth

This is undoubtedly the blog/course that every individual investor should know. Most investors who come to the investment world find many theoretical blogs, which is a problem. The theory is useless when you get your driver’s license if you have never driven a car.

Reading about blockchain is not the same as implementing a DeFi strategy that gives you +40% returns. It is the same when reading Taleb, the idea of benefiting from black swans is extremely profitable, but it is not the same to read antifragile than to buy Calls and Puts.

This blog has a subscription to a course of more than 60 articles that talk about how to improve personal finances and how to launch an online business in just a few months and with no budget. The main reason why most investors are not rich is because they don’t have enough initial capital. When you create a business and invest the profits, you multiply your chances of becoming rich exponentially.

These articles are a practical guide to achieving financial independence at an unbeatable price.

Asymmetric Finance


Constructive criticism of central bank monetary policies. Central banks have been printing money at an unprecedented rate for the past 20 years. This pace of printing was increased during the Covid.

This injection of liquidity has led to unprecedented inflation in the markets and in the daily lives of all consumers.

Asymmetric Finance is in charge of telling us all the latest news on macro trends. It also has an investment style that profits from market inefficiencies and black swans. The day a black swan happens, they will benefit as never seen before.

For their subscribers, they share their portfolio and orders weekly.

Oaktree Capital