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Am I late to the crypto world

Dear Godfather Investor followers,

Perhaps the most recurring question I face daily is whether we are late to the world of crypto investing.

I still remember a Reddit thread 6 years ago where one person said the following:

Am I the only one who hopes ETH price will go back below $1?

I believe in Ethereum long term and I embrace the fact that not many people know about Ethereum today.

I am looking at my investment in ETH long term. I am always looking to buy, buy, buy to hold, hold, hold.

As the months and years roll by and Ethereum gains the recognition it deserves many exciting things will come into fruition.

Call me crazy but I really want ETH to stay as low as possible for as long as possible, I am looking to buy not turn a quick marginal profit on what I already have.


Another person answered him:

In percentage terms 40 cents makes a significant difference to the price of ETH while it is trivial for BTC.

But as I was saying to OP if you think ETH is a good long-term investment $1.40 is almost as attractive as $1, especially if the price hits double-figures sometime in the next year.

This person up here was right.

After a +30,000% revaluation in 6 years, it seems laughable to think that it means a $0.4 change in Ethereum’s value (0.01%).

Two years ago, after a Covid-19 that swept through all exchanges and all asset classes in a few weeks like never happened before, Ethereum hit $130.

This was a 50% decline from $270, which it had marked a couple of weeks earlier.

To put this in context, before Covid (January 2020), there was a user adoption in the DeFi universe of approximately 40k users.

Two years later, we have recorded peak user adoption in DeFi at 4M.

It does not seem unreasonable to think that in another six years, the adoption will be around 400M. This would be 5% of the world population. ONLY 5%!

Continuing with the order of magnitude, it is not unfeasible that ETH will reach $30k in just a few years. And this would mean that a drop of $1,500 on that price would only be a 5% drop that price.

It is logical to think that we are late, but this is only the beginning.

Both Solana and Cardano are seeing an increase in the number of decentralized finance-focused products, which could help boost the adoption of their ecosystems. The improved performance is something that certainly favors these networks, though Ethereum too has ETH 2.0 upgrades in the pipeline.

We are not late!

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